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The unexpected reason to attend a writers’ conference

If you’ve caught my Facebook posts, you know that my time at the Oregon Christian Writers 2018 Summer Coaching Conference was AMAZING. I won’t repeat myself here (make sure you check it out), but there was a critical surprise. You might even call it a serious plot twist. What was it? Community. I went to […]

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Stay the course

Writers can be a fickle lot. You start out with the best idea ever. Your story seed–that little golden nugget of an idea that bursts into a full-on, Hollywood blockbuster in your mind. You see the climax, you see the last scene. It is awesome. Then you start writing. You’re blazing along, your mind an endless […]

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Courage from a book

I find sometimes while writing that sharing a bit of my character’s experience helps me dive a bit deeper into their emotions and motivations. Take for instance, Emma, the heroine of my current work in progress. She’s got a habit of playing everything off super-cool, but in reality, she’s totally faking it. I gave it a […]

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