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Where does inspiration come from?

If you’re a writer, chances are good that you’ve sat down to write and found yourself jotting down a grocery list rather than an epic scene. It happens to all writers at one time or another. Often referred to as writer’s block, I’ve found it relates more to “writer’s fear” than any true creative block. […]

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So you’re heading to your first writing conference

Here’s the scoop: In just over a couple week, I’ll be attending the Oregon Christian Writers 2018 Summer Conference. It’ll be my first large conference and I had the opportunity to chat with Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck tonight about exactly how to prepare for it. Here are their top tips: What to pack […]

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The Writing Software You Need to 10X Your Productivity

Here is a secret that has not yet caught on: Scrivener writing software by Literature & Latte is not just for writing books. It is the most awesome writing software for organizing your blog that you will find. It has turned my business upside down, setting me on an upward trajectory. Not only does it […]

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