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Book Review: Some Like It Hot by Susan May Warren

Book 3 in the Summer of the Burning Sky series, Some Like It Hot follows the story of Riley McCord and Larke Kingston. You’ll want to read this series in order to get the full effect and not create spoilers for yourself. Like a rich dessert, this final book both satisfies and lingers. I try very […]

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The unexpected reason to attend a writers’ conference

If you’ve caught my Facebook posts, you know that my time at the Oregon Christian Writers 2018 Summer Coaching Conference was AMAZING. I won’t repeat myself here (make sure you check it out), but there was a critical surprise. You might even call it a serious plot twist. What was it? Community. I went to […]

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Stay the course

Writers can be a fickle lot. You start out with the best idea ever. Your story seed–that little golden nugget of an idea that bursts into a full-on, Hollywood blockbuster in your mind. You see the climax, you see the last scene. It is awesome. Then you start writing. You’re blazing along, your mind an endless […]

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