Here’s the scoop: In just over a couple week, I’ll be attending the Oregon Christian Writers 2018 Summer Conference. It’ll be my first large conference and I had the opportunity to chat with Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck tonight about exactly how to prepare for it.

Here are their top tips:

What to pack (besides your suitcase, of course)

  • Business cards
  • One-sheets
  • Calendar
  • Notebook(s)

What to leave at home

  • Negativity
  • Fear
  • Comparisonitis (yeah, we made that word up)

Plan of attack

  • Pick the classes that suit where your current skills and needs are at. Don’t waste your time in marketing and networking if you’re needing basic craft coaching.
  • Ask others questions. Listen. Writers love to talk about their projects.
  • Pray before, during, and after. Let God guide the experience He’s brought you to it; He’ll bring you through it.

Be honest, be you

  • Humility is flattering on everyone.
  • Enjoy it. You don’t have to conquer it all in one conference. Writing is a life-long pursuit.

After-action review

  • Make notes about experiences, highlights, connections.
  • Make plans for lessons-learned for the next conference.
  • Keep writing.
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