Courage from a book

I find sometimes while writing that sharing a bit of my character’s experience helps me dive a bit deeper into their emotions and motivations. Take for instance, Emma, the heroine of my current work in progress. She’s got a habit of playing everything off super-cool, but in reality, she’s totally faking it. I gave it a […]

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Book Review: Light My Fire by Susan May Warren

The newest series from author Susan May Warren, Summer of the Burning Skies, I found a lot to love in Light My Fire. The book follows Tucker Newman, who’s been put in command of a team of Montana smokejumpers detailed to fight fires in Alaska and U.S. Marshal Stevie Mills, a loner who can’t shake […]

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Where does inspiration come from?

If you’re a writer, chances are good that you’ve sat down to write and found yourself jotting down a grocery list rather than an epic scene. It happens to all writers at one time or another. Often referred to as writer’s block, I’ve found it relates more to “writer’s fear” than any true creative block. […]

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