Book 3 in the Summer of the Burning Sky series, Some Like It Hot follows the story of Riley McCord and Larke Kingston. You’ll want to read this series in order to get the full effect and not create spoilers for yourself. Like a rich dessert, this final book both satisfies and lingers.

I try very hard not to put any spoilers in my book reviews, but let me tell you– it’s hard! There are so many great things I want to share.

When they walk on the page, the reader has the clear sense that both Riley and Larke are broken and alone. A former army medic who can never repay the debt paid for her life. She’s strong. Independent. And the last thing she wants or needs is someone else trying to protect her.

And then there’s Riley, a smokejumper whose father died in Afghanistan, who has always had trouble following the rules. He knows he’ll never be the hero his by-the-book father was. Will Riley ever stop himself from running straight into the literal and figurative fires?

I loved the unique time play in this series—all three books in the series are taking place simultaneously, so the reader experiences the same events from many different perspectives. There are some great “aha!” moments and I also appreciate that these novellas respect the time it takes to develop a relationship.

There’s one character in particular whom I hope finds his way into another of Warren’s novels. I won’t give it away, but as U.S. Marshal Stevie Mills heads after a wanted man at the end of the book, my curiosity has been roused about him and what the truth surrounding him is.

I enjoyed this whole series. In these novellas, Warren still delves deep into the hurts of her characters, the redemption of Christ, and the hope of the future.

Check out book 1, Light My Fire and book 2, The Heat Is On at Amazon. You can also read my review of Light My Fire HERE.


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